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Saturday, October 1, 2011

ASP.NET SQL Server Registration Tool

Creating the Application Services Database for SQL Server

Using aspnet_regsql.exe

ASP.NET includes a tool for installing the SQL Server database used by the SQL Server providers, named Aspnet_regsql.exe. The Aspnet_regsql.exe tool is located in the drive:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\versionNumber folder on your Web server. Aspnet_regsql.exe is used to both create the SQL Server database and add or remove options from an existing database.

The Aspnet_regsql.exe tool is located in the following folder:


Note *
The Aspnet_regsql tool should not be used with a local installation of SQL Server Express running in user instance mode (that is, the connection string contains User Instance=true).

Installing the Database using Aspnet_regsql.exe
You can also run the Aspnet_regsql.exe tool as a command-line utility. For example, the following command installs the database elements for membership and role management on the local computer running SQL Server:
aspnet_regsql.exe -E -S localhost -A mr

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