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Monday, January 31, 2011

Working with recent projects in visual studio dot net start page.

It can be actual thing. which you are searching?

1 Manage your Project list or File list in Visual Studio .Net Start Page.
Just Follow the step - Given Below

Go to - Tools - Option - Recent Files - and then set number of items How much you want to show in your Recent Project list


2 Remove or Clear your unwanted items from your "Recent Projects" list.
Here is an nice tip on how to clear the "Recent Project" list:

To remove the projects from the list, follow these steps:
  1. Close Visual Studio if it is running.
  2. Start the Registry Editor (run regedit).
    Registry Editor
  3. Navigate to this registry key:
    Registry Editor 2
  4. Then delete the key that has the project you do not want to keep in the list.
A little note to keep in mind is that the list only lists consecutive items starting File1. So if in the above list I deleted File6, then only projects corresponding to File1 to File5 will be displayed in the recent project list. File7 and above will not be displayed. If in case you like File7 and above to be displayed, you will need to rename one of the keys so that they form a consecutive numbered list.
3 Another Simple way is
Create one Text file "Clear.txt" and add below contents in it

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Save and Close the file and rename is as "Clear.reg"; that is Registry file. Double Click to Run the file, this will clear the "Recent Project List" on your Visual Studio 2005 Startup Page. You can add entries for "Recent File List" and "Find and Replace List" in this same .reg file.

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